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Risk disclosure notice - Trading

It does not explain all the risks or how the risks relate to your personal circumstances.

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If you have any doubt whether or not our products are appropriate for you, you should seek professional advice before trading. By investing in or dealing in any of the above you are risking your capital and you may not get back as much as you originally invested.

Contracts for Difference CFDs CFDs are financial instruments that are traded on margin, enabling investors and traders to participate in the movement of shares and index prices without having the ownership of the underlying asset.

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CFDs are a complex financial product and are not suitable for all investors. If you are unsure of the risks or of whether you have sufficient financial resources or experience to trade these products, you trading 212 payout does not work not begin trading with us. Trading these products may result in loss of the entire funds you deposited in the account.

We are required by law to notify retail clients about the percentage of Retail Clients who have lost money trading CFDs with us during the last 12 months.

How would you like to start?

This disclosure will be made available on our website: www. You must carefully consider your financial circumstances and risk tolerance before trading CFDs. CFD trading is an activity that carries a high risk to your capital. You should only consider trading in CFDs if: you have extensive experience of trading in volatile markets, you fully understand how they operate, including all the risks and costs involved, you are aware that the greater the leverage, the greater the risk, you understand that your position can be closed whether or not you agree with our decision to close your position, you have high risk tolerance and the capability to absorb losses if they occur, you have sufficient time to manage your investment on an active basis.

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Shares Shares represent a part ownership in a company. As such, the owner of a share participates in the fortune of the company.

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If the company does well, the shares are likely to rise in price, but if the company does badly, the share price is likely to fall. Insolvency Holders of ordinary shares are the last to be paid in the event of a company becoming insolvent.

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However, ordinary shareholders also have the potential for good returns provided the company does well and is perceived to be continuing to do well. In extreme cases a company can fold up and become insolvent and you lose all your investment.

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Execution Only We shall not offer you any advice or recommendation regarding the suitability of any investments with us, and nothing we send or tell you should be interpreted as such. We do not provide investment, tax or trading advice.

Trading 212 For Beginners! How to Invest £1000 in Dividend Stocks.

Our service is "execution only", meaning we will not advise you on any transaction, nor will we monitor your trading decisions to determine if they trading 212 payout does not work appropriate for you or to help you avoid losses. You should obtain your own financial, legal, taxation and other professional advice as to whether CFDs or Shares are an appropriate investment for you.

Further Risk warnings concerning Shares

We may provide you with factual information in relation to our products, their potential risks, or about the financial markets in general; in doing so we shall not have assessed your individual circumstances. Leverage Our products offer various levels of leverage. Before trading, we shall ask you to make an initial deposit.

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Each product we offer has a margin requirement. Based on this requirement and your initial deposit, you shall be able to trade a contract value in excess of your funds.

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Fluctuations in asset prices will therefore be magnified many times. A small price movement against you may result in a larger loss. Using leverage or margin means that you may lose the entire funds you have actually deposited in your account if the price of the CFD moves significantly against you.

Professional clients benefit from lower initial margin terms which are available on our website: www.

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Settlement In many market places for example shares traded on the London Stock Exchange settlement takes place by the counterparties simultaneously matching shares traded with cash being given.

In other market places for example those where CFDs are tradedyou, on making an initial investment, puts up a sum of cash the margin which represents a percentage of the value of the investment. If the price of the investment subsequently fluctuates, you may be called upon to put up extra cash a margin call.

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Margin Rates We reserve the right to adjust margin requirements for each of our products. Trading UK Ltd. If we increase our margin requirements, it may prevent you from adding positions or hedging existing positions if you have insufficient equity.

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If margin requirements increase on your existing CFDs, you will have to deposit additional equity in advance or your positions may be liquidated. This may result in your margin requirement increasing.

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You may therefore be required to deposit additional funds to maintain existing positions. Position Monitoring It is your responsibility to monitor your account. You must monitor your account so that at all times the account contains sufficient equity to meet Trading UK Ltd.

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