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option tutorial

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My aim is to help you navigate the tool and show you how to employ the technology as you consider alternative stock and option strategies. The Option Strategy Lab was built to enable customers to evaluate trading scenarios based upon their own forecasts for underlying share prices.

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Indeed the Option Strategy Lab will function using any stock ticker symbol for which options exist. Compare and Contrast The Strategy Lab is an addition to Interactive Brokers' suite of Labs allowing investors to dig deeper into the structure of option pricing and develop option combinations tailored to their views.

The Lab may be used in conjunction to the IB Probability Lab, which can option tutorial used to show what option premiums are predicting about future prospects for share prices of the underlying. The IB Probability Lab allows the user to redraw option tutorial price probability distribution based upon the user's forecast for likely outcomes.

In many cases, tailoring the outlook for a stock's future performance will generate potentially favorable stock and option combinations for the investor to consider. The Option Strategy Lab works differently by allowing the client to make price and volatility forecasts over time.

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Based upon the client's selections, the Lab will identify stock and option combinations that may offer potentially favorable outcomes should the client's judgment turn out to option tutorial more astute than what the market currently expects. Because share prices are subject to often wild fluctuations driven by news or earnings events, clients can pit their views against the judgment of Wall Street analysts who frequently post price targets for share prices.

The Option Strategy Lab can be used option tutorial confirm or refute Wall Street targets and enable the client to develop strategies that they think the market is missing.

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Let's look now at where you can locate and use the Option Strategy Lab. But before you do, please take note that you must be running version or later of Trader Workstation in order to access it.

Account Options

If you are running a prior version from a desktop icon, you will need to upgrade to a later version of TWS that includes the Option Strategy Lab. You should consider upgrading if you are on an earlier version of TWS. To access the Option Strategy Lab Click on the blue New Window button to the option tutorial left of your Mosaic window and locate the icon under the Technical Analytics drop down menu.

Upon opening the Option Strategy Lab, you will see the screen hosts five panels. These are the Strategy Scanner, in which clients can define a strategy for most stock tickers, the Strategy Adjustment and Order Entry pane where clients can trade combinations option tutorial by the Scanner.

Compare and Contrast

Here you can also make several adjustments. The requested strategy can be viewed in typical chart form in the Price Target window, which conveniently displays the price target chosen and a one-standard deviation move cone on the plot. Mosaic Scanner As I noted earlier, clients can enter their own views directly into the Strategy Scanner, but I would like to draw your attention to IB's Mosaic Market Scanner for options, which can be found under the Analytical Tools dropdown menu from the main toolbar.

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Select the Mosaic Market Scanner, which can be configured to look on a ticker-by-ticker basis to view option combinations going through in the real market on any given day. These can be ranked by volume simply by double-clicking on the column header.

I mention this scanning capability because some clients might like to evaluate combinations option tutorial action using the Option Strategy Lab.


If you identify a trade using the Mosaic Scanner you may be able to replicate it in the option Strategy Lab to crunch the numbers. Let's get back to the Option Strategy Lab to see how it works. Strategy Scanner Our starting point is to enter a ticker symbol using the Edit Scanner button in the upper wie die reichsten leute in corner of the Strategy Scanner.

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Select a period over which you want to run your forecast. If you choose price, you can predict either a dollar or percentage fall.

In either case the Strategy Scanner will display the resultant price or volatility reading projected according to the chosen inputs. We can further filter the results under section three of the Scanner by Premium, Delta, Strike and Expiry.

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