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  • Optionen, die das Verhalten von allen Komponenten von OOo beeinflussen - Apache OpenOffice Wiki

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Version 1. It'd be nice to have it persistent cpa king binäre optionen. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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Comment 1 khendricks UTC Hi, As far as I option ooo tell this is not under the control of the lingucomponent project. So I am changing this to the Writer project so that someone from Hamburg sees it and can figure out whose problem this really is.

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Here I set "Italian" yes, "For the current document only" is unchecked but when I reload the program, English default is set again. I've solved it replacing linguistic.

option ooo

The only difference I've found in the two files are that in 1. As Marco Menardi already said, it helps to replace the linguistc.

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Option ooo it can be much easier. Just delete the "linguistic.

Now start writer, configure the Spellcheck and Language Options, and they will remain. If you want, you can now also copy the "linguistic. I don't know what this file in the share subdir does, I just know that it makes troubles for many times now I don't know if there are any side effects, but I didn't recognize one so far.

option ooo

German: Zu dem Thema hab ich einen neuen Workaround. Wie Marco Menardi schon vorgeschlagen hat, hilft es die linguistic.

option ooo

Wer will, kann Nachdem man OO gestartet, konfiguriert und wieder abgedreht hat jetzt auch die Linguistic. Die Version im "user" Zweig legt sich ohnehin von selbst neu an.

option ooo

PS: Also diese Linguistic. Seems that all the Writeng Aids settings are not persistent there anymore Comment 7 thomas. Comment 8 khendricks UTC Hi, My bug in scp was fixed yesterday with another change so we should be good to here and so I am resolving this as fixed.

Please verify in the next OOo 1.

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