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Smart education and smart e-learning are emerging and rapidly growing areas with the potential to transform existing teaching strategies, learning environments, and educational activities and technology in the classroom.

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Smart education and smart e-learning focus on enabling instructors to develop new ways of achieving excellence in teaching in highly technological smart classrooms, and providing students with new opportunities to maximize their success and select the best options for their education, elena kashina optionen and learning style, as well as the mode of content delivery. This book serves as a useful source of research data and valuable information on current research projects, best practices and case studies for faculty, scholars, Ph.

He obtained his Ph.

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He has published 3 textbooks, 5chapter books and more than papers in international journals and conference proceedings. Robert Howlett is the Executive Chair of KES International, a non-profit organization that facilitates knowledge transfer and the dissemination of research results in areas including intelligent systems, sustainability and knowledge transfer.

His technical expertise is in the use of intelligent systems to solve industrial problems. He has been successful in applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and related technologies to sustainability and renewable energy systems; condition monitoring, diagnostic tools and systems; automotive electronics and engine management systems. His current research work is focused on the use of smart microgrids to achieve reduced energy costs and lower carbon emissions in areas such as housing and protected horticulture.

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Lakhmi C. Jain, Ph.

Present treatment options such as endovascular stents or open surgery procedures are not appropriate for all patients. The risk of death from aneurysm rupture remains a significant clinical problem. Better understanding of aortic aneurysms is important for development of new pharmacological treatments. In this dissertation, different aspects of AAA were investigated in the context of reninangiotensin- and kallikrein-kinin-systems. In the first study we have found that most RAS components were significantly stronger expressed in human AAA when compared to atherosclerotic lesions paper 1.

Professor Jain serves the KES International for providing a professional community the opportunities for publications, knowledge exchange, cooperation and teaming. Involving around 5, researchers drawn from universities and companies worldwide, KES facilitates international cooperation and generates synergy in teaching and research.

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KES elena kashina optionen provides networking opportunities for professional community through one of the largest conferences of its kind in the area of KES.

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